Volunteers and their service add love to the atmosphere of the Conference. Without them, ZOOM+ would simply not happen!

Volunteering at ZOOM+ is both a challenge, and an opportunity to give the best of yourself. In return, you will receive joy, gratitude and new relationships. When not on duty, you can enjoy the conference together with the participants.

You may be involved in: Bistro&Cafe, security, cleaning, admin work, kids program, media or translation. We will assign you to a specific team, taking into consideration your preferences and giftings, along with our needs at the conference (we cannot guarantee a placement in a specific team).

Volunteers work in shift system. Some teams may require extra preparation or early arrival/ late departure. All volunteers will be involved in clean up after the conference. The details of your specific ministry and schedule will be arranged by your team coordinator.


Welcome to our team! To join us, you will need to be motivated and responsible (age 16+).

A volunteer fee of 45 PLN applies (food and accommodation not included).

How to sign up?

  1. Register via our online form as a volunteer.
  2. Wait for a confirmation from our Volunteers Coordinator, and later you will get more details about your specific service from your team coordinator, prior to the Conference.


Register online